Second Book of Gravity, Ochre

We speak as tone / the coursing shadow of eave / tongue under tongue / the sun stands down / lee, to wind, an expression of reason / a moving toward / the dry beach, a skin of movement / above a thousand mingling, sifting skins / the arm of the beach reaches our arms / Inhuman skin of the shore / replenished

Third Book of Gravity, Blue

[This text contains Italian. Translation as follows. Neve=snow; nell cuore dell'inverno=in the heart of winter; solo una volta=only once; la neve passa domani=the snow passes tomorrow.]

In the depths of / nell cuore dell'inverno / (in the heart of) / in the heart of snow / is more snow / neve / the blank heart of snow, the heart / of snow / read once a sorrow / solo una volta / only once / full of particles / interminable and never / neve, without end / the deep snow passes / la neve passa domani